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Dr. David Schlute, DC


         David Schlute is a world renowned, award winning Chiropractor and specialist in the areas of healing, sports injury, rehabilitation, and prevention. He has the unique background and trifecta combination of having an Exercise and Sport Science bachelors degree, Board Certified Massage Therapy Certification, and Board Certified Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Schlute's numerous certifications and blend of education provides him the opportunity to continue to help thousands of people from around the world achieve their highest performance and peak potential in the fastest time possible.


Areas of Specialty:

  • Sports Injuries and soft tissue injuries - Rapid recovery,  rehabilitation, and prevention

  • Sympathetic  and Parasympathetic nervous system -  resetting and healing.

Treatment of Extremities:
Shoulder - Elbow - Wrist - Hand - Fingers - Hip - Knee - Ankle - Feet - Toes.

Zone Technique - Diversified - Chiropractic Biophysics - Gonstead - S.O.T. - Physiotherapy - Active Release Technique (ART) - Kinesiotape - Extremity specialist - Graston Technique - P.R.R.T.

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About: Inner_about
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