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Information about the Office and Operations during COVID-19

  • We are open normal business hours, subject to change.​

  • As directed by the Governor of California regarding the stay-at-home order, we are considered "essential services" and will remain open until directed otherwise. 

  • Dr. Schlute has deployed aseptic sterilization and we ask you to follow the following instructions upon entering the office for the safety of everyone.​​

    • Come alone. Only those being treated will be allowed in the office.

    • Do NOT use your cell phone while in the office. It is full of dirt, bacteria, etc., and you will have just washed your hands and recontaminated yourself. 

    • The front door will remain open during business hours as much as possible so patients won't have to touch the door handle.

    • The adjusting table is cleaned and sanitized between every patient.

    • Please STAY HOME if you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms.

    • Dr. Schlute personally uses an infrared sauna twice per day, consumes between 3-5 grams of Vitamin C, 25–100 micrograms of Vitamin D, and 2000 mg of L-lysine daily to kill any and all viruses.

    • Days and hours are subject to change at any moment based on fluctuating conditions. Patients will be notified immediately of any changes.

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