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What are patients saying?

Reviews: Testimonial

"David is a WONDERFUL chiropractor. He is so knowledgeable, gentle, professional, and very kind. He really works with the knowledge that the body is inter-connected. Adjusting one thing leads to changes elsewhere and vice versa. I went to him with major shoulder and neck pain that was causing headaches. I also was experiencing a lot of knee pain while running. After one adjustment, my body felt better, but pulled back into bad habits (as it always will). Second adjustment and doing well so far. No more headaches, knee pain is gone, and most importantly, I understand my body better and how to keep it healthy and working well. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Schlute for a professional, calming, and well-priced experience. Could not be more pleased! So glad I met him!!!"

Anon H.

"I was referred to Dr. Dave by my husband’s personal trainer who is located across the street from him on Broadway in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. I have been getting adjustments during my pregnancy, but the chiropractor I was previously seeing was having trouble getting my hips to cooperate. I went to Dr. Schlute today and got (hopefully) my last adjustment before baby comes. This guy has magic hands! My hips are so tight and hard to adjust so he placed a block under my hips for a min, tried again and Voila- magic! If you live in the Shore or heights he is the guy to see. I look forward to postnatal adjustments from him to help get my body back in balance post-baby."

Angela J.

"I have been to many Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Schlute is by far the best. He determines where the pain is coming from and does his adjustments accordingly. He also doesn't just make adjustments. Since he is a massage therapist as well, he does deep tissue work when needed. He has helped me with chronic back and knee pain, so much so that I have been able to exercise again. He has also used treatments that have broken up scar tissue in my knee, which has given me full range of motion, which physical therapy could not do. He is incredibly kind and compassionate. I can't say enough good things about him. I highly recommend him."

Cindy L.

"Dave Schlute is excellent! He has been treating me for over 3 yrs & highly recommended him! His expertise on Chiropractic has helped + healed me so I may be able to function in my daily life without discomfort or pain. I'm a very active individual also have experienced physical trauma. Without his treatments I know I would be experiencing much discomfort + pain on a daily. I see him for maintenance now and feel great everytime I leave. I have experienced other Chiropractors in past, but Dave really is in tune with the human body and is very knowledgeable, not the mediocre!"

Liann P.

"Dr Schlute is by far the best in his field. I have a stressful and sometimes physically challenging job and my world changed thanks to Dr Schlute. A friend referred me to him about 7 years ago and I have been going to him ever since. He is knowledgeable, professional as well as friendly. Hand down the best massage in town. Dr Schlute is also gentle he has also treated my son since he was 12. If you are in need of chiropractic care Dr Schlute is the one."

Pam J.

"I was referred to him after a minor car accident and he was great! I was apprehensive because I had never been to a chiropractor before, but he explained everything as he did it. He helped me immensely. I continued to go to him after I was healed from the accident. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! He's great at what he does!"

Michelle B.

"Dr. David is personable and professional. He is very thorough with his diagnosis along providing some techniques to avoid further injuries. I'd use him every day if my insurance covered it!"

Young K.

"Dr. Dave Schlute is an outstanding chiropractor. One of the things that makes him special is that he is also a licensed massage therapist. He knows how the soft tissues work as well as the joints. He is truly as master chiropractor and I recommend him totally." "Dr Schlute has been working on my extremities for many years ... Helped my husband's back and is majorly gifted at what he does...! What a blessing he is to our health...!"

Margie C.

"My desk job had resulted in a chronically sore right shoulder blade and I was finally ready to do something about it. Regular spa-type massages didn't really seem to have a lasting effect so I was wondering if going to a chiropractor would be better. I got referred to Dr. Schlute from a friend; I was looking for someone close to my area at a reasonable price and he seemed to fit the bill. Never having seen any other chiropractor regularly I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I can tell you that after about 6 months of seeing Dr. Schlute about once a month my shoulder doesn't really bother me anymore. I think I can attribute it to the visits since my work habits haven't changed. Dr. Schlute is very personable and professional, and I enjoy my short and sweet adjustment visits."

Steph H.

"We travel from Orange for Dr Dave! He is knowledgeable, professional and kind. My family meet Dave when he was a massage therapist many years ago. He was great then with kids, women and men. Dr Dave is healing my 12 year old son's shoulder and understands the athlete. I feel very comfortable and safe with Dr Dave."

Karen G.

By far the best chiropractor I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. His treatments and assessments are very specific. NOT the ever-so -common one adjustment fits all approach.  His knowledge base is broad and he uses various modalities of treatment that include acupressure points, soft tissue work and a lot more. I recommend him highly. He's also a fantastic human being.

S. W.

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